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Top 10 Romantic poetry for girlfriend boyfriend

• happiness is all those things invisible to the eyes that when mixed fill the soul
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Top 10 Romantic poetry for girlfriend:

My love for you is like the sea as
it is so powerful and deep that it will be forever
Through storm, wind and heavy rain
he will endure all sorrow
Our hearts are very pure and love so much
I will be with you in every situation. Beauty was not seen by eyes. The presence of love feels by the hearts known by the soul . (Romantic poetry)..

One million stars in the sky.
A lot shines – I can not refuse it.
Such a precious love, a love is true,
a love that comes to you from me.
Sing to the angels when you are near.
I am not afraid within my weapon.
You always know what to say.
Just talking to you
I love you, my dear, with my heart.
Will never ever separate and ever.

What do I do
when I still love you?
You left
because you did not want to stay.
You broke my heart, you broke me.
Every day I wait
for you to tell me that our love was true.
But when you do not appear, more tears flow.
When I know
I have to go (romantic poetry)

When I say I love you, please believe it’s true.
When I always say, know that I will never leave you.
When I say goodbye, promise me that you will not cry
because on the day I am saying that I die. (Romantic poetry)

You see me as I am the only girl.
You feel important to me and do not disappoint me.
You have to tell me
how to smile, how to survive .
You showed me
that every day someone to love.
So this order
goes to you because you have done,
and I hope you understand
that you are the one!
I love you (romantic poerty)

I love your heart.
I love you with my life.
I know you do not
trust me but trust me, because I know.
My love is deep,
my love is true,
and it will never disappear.
So tell me now
and tell me the truth Do
you also love me? (Romantic poetry 2019)

If you said that you were cold then I
would wrap your hands around you.
If you said you were thirsty then I
would give you the blue blue.
I’ll give you everything: Moon, stars, sunset too.
This heart keeps you in my hands (romantic poetry).

True love is measured by how deep you fall and how to save it
by deciding how to crawl and decline
it and make it the last
how much you open and ready to present your confidence. Is set by.
It’s amazing, amazing all the time and ever.
It’s never a prey, it’s blind … (Romantic poetry )


I woke up every day with my smile in my mind.
It’s a beautiful look, look soft and soft.
My dreams are full of my thinking and you.
I wake up and smile because my dreams are true.
I have to guide you through my problems and concerns.
I will always stay here for you through tears and tears.
I love you more to show my words.
You mean everything; I just want to know you.
I’ll be here for you, no difference.
You will always be the first to be in your agenda .. (Romantic poetry)


While the
honey , come a little bit ,
I put my uncle in your ear.
I tell you softly
, nobody else can hear.
What I have to say is private
and this is just between us.
I just want to know how much I like your stuff( romantic poetry).


How do I start?
What did I do?
I love you and you breath me
I said, keep me tight, keep me warm all night.
So, how do I start?
Start like this: Hold me, love me, teach me, let’s go, encourage me to do something.
Now I have started, how do I finish?
I love you (Romantic poetry).

You fill the room ith a sweet feeling
engage the information block
logic remains the place rush
distorted sights and sounds and smells
touching me with tactile pleasure
push me out of a move to
feel reasonable doubt that
the I am not in the present tension …. (Romantic poetry).

I love deeply, so
I love you
, I love your voice
and the method used to play
love your kind and thoughtful ways
and joy to you every day Bring me life
as I love you today I will love you
forever from my whole heart .. ( romantic poetry)

It looks good to feel the heat of your touch in your hands . I love seeing my beautiful eyes how much care you care about.
It seems like you think every day. I love you more time to love every step by step on your hand.. (romantic poetry)

I’d like to kiss her reddened lips
I want to touch her pink cheeks I can make noise at a loud voice even though I
want to hear her beautiful voice I’ll forget all my grief tomorrow with your thinking by me that you always hope you never leave me (Romantic poetry)

Where a beautiful world can see your face is not
only the time between space and time there is
a wandering fashion as a vacuum and
leaves us disappointed for our precious sympathy
without our will.
And to hide the fact that our dreams have already been spent,
we met in the middle when our love is exported
and we can dance there again in our dream ( romantic poetry)

You and I am unique,
you and me are a great type.
We can not do everything forever,
but I want we to do all this together.
You and I can do this
if we put our hearts in it (romantic poetry)

I know I’m an angel.
He was sent above the sky
every day to protect
me and give me a lot of love.
He is there when I am alone.
When I cry, he is sitting before me.
When he is sad, he encourages
me and wants to try (Romantic poetry)

Your kiss is like a cloud,
so soft on my dirt
and even though I never say,
and still show it,
I still love you !!!!!!!!! (Romantic poetry)